Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Orange Beach- June 2009

(On the Dolphin Cruise- Orange Beach Alabama)

Well, we decided to go to the beach with two other families and had an awesome time! The Rikard's , The Roberts' and us (we all stayed in one big condo!) ! Also, two other families were in the same condo that we know, The Carwyles and The Hill's! We had soooo much fun for seven the sun! The weather was beautiful, the beach was white and the water felt great! We went to 'the Hangout' one night, Waterville another day, the mall in Foley, A Go-Cart Racetrack, Dolphin Cruise, and so much more!!! Julie Ann wants to live there! She asks me all of the time when is the next beach trip!

Emma Hayes, Hannah, and Julie Ann playing @ the Condo

Pretty Girls on the Beach Me and Julie Ann (-:

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